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GB200IKB Special Event Station

SADARC operated a Special Event Station to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, within sight of one of his most famous engineering feats - the Royal Albert Railway Bridge, Saltash

View of the 'shack' at GB200IKB on 8th April 2006


The antenna array (and phone lines!) on 8th April 2006


"Why the *#$&* won't this work?"


Saltash Mayor David Carter with G3ZYY, M0BHG and G0AKH on 8th April 2006


G3ZYY, G0AKH and M0BHK on 8th April 2006


2m Station with M5CJW on 8th April 2006


M0BHG with Saltash Mayor Elect Joe Ellison and his wife on 8th April 2006


G3ZYY on 9th April 2006


G3ZYY with the view through the shack window down Fore Street Saltash, to the two bridges on 9th April 2006



GB200IKB pictures courtesy of M0BHK and G0AKH